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The Ten Stripes team

Hi, nice to meet you! On this page you will find the Ten Stripes marketers. These are the people who make marketing with you. Marketing that works. With them you can assume that they always go for the long term and think along about your success.

That’s how the Ten Stripes marketers are all about. Are you secretly curious about what makes Sebastiaan grumpy or what Bart is proud of? In addition to the headshots, you can also click on any marketer to learn more about him or her. Go on …

Quote bij het team

foto__Bart Joling - Marketeer

Bart Joling

Director & marketing strategy

foto__Lucinde Terluin - Marketeer

Lucinde Terluin

Social media specialist & copywriter

foto__Sebastiaan Prenger - Marketeer

Sebastiaan Prenger

SEA & CRO specialist