Marketing specialists

At Ten Stripes, you will find a team of marketing specialists. These specialists use their knowledge to reach your marketing goals.

foto__Marketing 3.0 strategy

Marketing 3.0 strategy

Strategy is the foundation of a sustainable business. Do you already have a concrete marketing strategy that you use to get started?

foto__Customer journey

Customer journey mapping

The customer journey is the experience in the purchasing process: who do you speak to where, how and when?

foto__Storytelling. Maar dan concreet.


The emotions and the meaning of stories remind people much easier than boring numbers and spreadsheets.

foto__SEO Marketing Ten Stripes

Search engine optimization

SEO is the most sustainable marketing choice. Why? Because you can score with organic results. And the higher the better, right?


Search engine advertising

Bring your search campaigns to a higher level with perfect ads that fit your core values ​​and budget. Just with Google Ads

foto__Sociale Marketing Ten Stripes

Social media marketing

The right message on the right channel means being visible everywhere. Do you opt for Facebook, or would you rather go for Linkedin?

foto__Conversion CRO

Conversion rate optimization

Get the maximum result from your website or webshop with conversion rate optimization (CRO)

foto__Video Marketing Ten Stripes

Video marketing

Your message is optimally shaped in image, text and sound

foto__Copy writing

Copy writing

The right message with the right 'tone of voice'. Convince with strong (online) texts. That is a must on every website, isn't it?

foto__Data Marketing Ten Stripes

Data dashboarding

All your results in an overview, always and everywhere

foto__Whats next in marketing

What's next?

foto__Voice search Groningen

Voice Search

The next big thing in marketing? We will figure it out for you.

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